The Imperial City Watch, informally known simply as The Watch, is a law-enforcement institution charged with policing Imperial City.

Organization Edit

The City Watch is a strong, formally-trained and well-equipped force of guardsmen under the direct authority of The Lord Regent. Their salary is paid by the Empire as a whole and unlike many of the kingdom's other institutions they do not swear fealty to any lord or nobility, only to the protection of the people.

The City Watch is supposed to double as a defense force in the event that the city is attacked, though a major attack on Imperial City has not occurred in generations.

Ranks and Positions Edit

The members of the City Watch are separated into several ranks according to their importance, leadership and fighting abilities. Moreover, certain positions and squads exist within the Watch which are assigned to the same tasks.

  • Watch Lower Guards: The Lower Guard are the members of the watch tasked with protecting the lower ward, they consist of the most basic soldiers among the Watch. Equipped only with a regular uniform and sword, they are new recruits who often lack credible fighting skills and are frequently recruited from within military stockades.
  • City Watch Guards: The regular guards who protect the middle ward, they wear protection and a helmet over their uniform, come equipped with a sword. They are considered slightly more intelligent and courageous than Lower Guards, however, corruption is highly prevalent within their numbers.
  • City Watch Officers: They are the elite troops of the City Watch, assigned to command areas and ensure the protection of citizens and structures important to the state. Officers are skilled fighters with the sword and adept in the use of pistols.
  • Wrenhaven River Patrol: This division of the Watch is assigned to patrol Lake Rifton and to address smuggling and pirating activities.