Biography Edit

The youngest child in a large farming family, Ederstar was always interested in firearms as a hobby. He was a natural trick shot and some locals even paid to watch him shoot targets from incredible distances.

After his families farm fell on hard times Elderstar decided to rob an Empire gold shipment that was being sent from the capital in order to earn enough money to save his families farm.

After succeeding in that endeavor it gave him the encouragement to do the same thing again, and again. His skilled shooting helped him as he continued more elaborate robberies, such as one on an Emipre Weapons Depot, and an attempt to steal a prized South Sea Diamond that was being displayed during a traveling exhibition of artifacts collected by The Explorer League.

His infamy attracted many other low ranking criminals who wanted to team up with him. But the majority of those he turned down. Opting to only allow fellow criminals who were skilled with firearms to join his gang. His skills made him a coveted player in the criminal underworld and many famed crime bosses hired his gang to steal or kill various targets.