Eversong is one of the most famous bounty hunters in the Realm.

History Edit

Not much is known about his past, rumor says he was once an apprentice of Norbert Hemingway who decided to use his hunting skills to become an up and coming bounty hunter who one day bit off more then he could chew when he tracked Oman The Merchant of Death deep into the Deserts of Anraska. 

It's said that in the fight Eversong barely survived and received horrible burns on almost all of his body. Causing him to need a mechanical suit just to do basic functions like breathing. The rumors say he is constantly in horrible pain but despite that no one has heard him speak or even make a sound before.

He is famous for traveling across the realm to hunt high profile targets whose bounties exceed 15,000 . In which he mercilessly will stalk and kill, showing little regard for civilian casualties or the destruction caused by his hunt.

After killing the target he will move onto the next one, not even bothering to claim money for the bounties themselves.