Guyuk the Mauler is a primordial monster and end boss of the dungeon Strattleborough.

Appearance Edit

Adorned in custom armor made of the rare and cultivated Mithril, Guyuk the Mauler is large quadrupedal monster. The parts of his body not covered in armor appear to be tan colored skin, covered in cuts and bruises.

From his head protrudes a skull, reminiscent of an elephants with large tusks. It's unknown whether or not this is his actual face or just a mask.

Personality Edit

From all that known about the creature it appears to be extremely sadistic and cruel. Often using its victims as trophies to adorn its weapon and armor. Many times as the victim is still alive.

History Edit

Nothing is known about the history of the creature. Where it came from, how it got into the depths of Strattleborough or what it even is being a total mystery.