The Imperial City, also known as The Capital City, is the capital of the Empire. It is located on Csyrial Isle in Lake Rifton, in the Heartlands region of the Empire.

Originally inhabited by The ☀Quendi

Lower Ward Edit

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Middle Ward Edit

Upper Ward Edit

History Edit

Originally the spot that Imperial City was built upon was once the capital of an Elven Empire called The Quendi.

The Quendi were a loose coalition of almond skinned wood elves. Who inhabited the forests of the heartland south of Thalamos and north of Wildvale. Originally they were part of the group of Druids who left Thalamos in search of a new home but decided to settle in the forests around lake Rifton, rather then continue south with the rest of the Druids. The Capital of these northern Wood Elves was Alderwood.

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