Elizabeth "Lizzy" Stride is the leader of the Dead Eels Pirates. Her gang primarily operates as pirates on Lake Rifton, robbing trade and supply ships coming to port and killing any who get in her way. Ontop of that she is directly involved in majority of the water based smuggling operations within the city.

Physical Description Edit

Described as "Fair-skinned and brown-eyed, with hair as black as the Void." She is infamous for both her cruelty and physical strength.  

Distinguished by her tattoos as well as her teeth which had been filed to sharp points. She commonly uses her mouth as a weapon doing things like, biting a man's tongue out of his own mouth during a raid on a supply ship before throwing him in the river because he had looked her in the eyes.

Biography Edit

Originally an orphan from The Red Coast, Lizzy fled the area at an early age after killing an abusive schoolmaster. She disguised herself as a boy and became a cabin boy on an Empire Navy ship, gaining popularity among the other boys. However, her secret was discovered when she reported to the ship doctor after an injury; before the doctor could tell anyone, Lizzy killed him. She attempted to then lead a mutiny and the other boys fought with the crew for a short time until order was restored, and many of children were executed but Lizzy and a few boys managed to escape the ship, she spent the next few years of her adolescent traveling the coast line and working various jobs, including being trained as a cartographer on the coral Coastline.

Lizzy eventually made her way to Imperial City and shortly thereafter formed a gang in the dock district of the lower ward. After rival gangs began increased attacks on their base, Lizzy stole a fishing schooner and the gang modified it to become a makeshift pirate ship which they used to attack both merchant and passenger ships alike along the shores of Lake Rifton.

After gaining a reputation as one of the most feared criminals in Imperial City she soon became a mob boss in her own right. Expanding her operations to smuggling within the city along with piracy. After the arrest of Hoblon in 554 CY one of Lizzies former lovers and business partners, Skackjaw contacted her and offered to cancel her gambling debts if she would spend the day bombarding ships along the harbor in order to spread out the resources of the City Watch and put the city in chaos for their planned assault on Blackgate Prison in order to break Hoblon out.