The Monoliths of Shahabalizadeh also known as The Great Monoliths, are a series of giant monolithic tablets, built by an unknown likely ancient civilization and situated on the outer border of The Anraskain Desert.

Sometimes described as megaliths or obelisks, the monoliths were believed to at one point be upright stone structure. The purpose for them being built is unknown some speculate they were an ancient mystical worshiping site, others theorize a land marker or a warning sign. The real purpose may never be known for its true meaning was lost long ago.

History Edit

The Monoliths have been long described ever since the first explorers visited the region and found them. Though no formal archaeological dig has been performed to unearth the tablets and find how big they really are, many scholars have visited the region and studied the inscriptions on them.

The most notable expedition to the Monoliths occurred in 235 CY, when Professor Livingston of The Academy of Natural Philosophy visited the area and studied the structures in great detail. His notes were later turned into a book titled simply, "The Mystery of The Monoliths of Shahabalizadeh." Which became the first academic work to go into detail studying the strange structures.

Origin Edit

Though attempts to translate the inscriptions on them have been numerous, no one has succeeding in finding what they mean or in finding any clues to the origin of the Monoliths. Most scholars agree in the theory that they are from an ancient, long gone civilization. Some speculating of which may even predate the Elven and Dwarvern Cultures.