Anton Sokal is the Head of the Academy of Natural Philosophy and Royal Physician the Lord Regent. In addition to being a highly prized chemist, he is a prolific strategist and has been for years pushing for more funding into militarized technology. He also created Sokal's Elixir, which is a non alchemy alternative to health potions which restores health and staves off the dangerous effects of the plague.

Biography Edit

An immigrant from the far south region of ___, Sokal established himself as a painter and sculptor to the aristocracy of Imperial City at an early age. Around this time it had become fashionable for members of the aristocracy to pay exorbitant amounts of coin to have their portrait painted by him.

Sokal thereafter began to establish himself as a master of many disciplines; by the time the honorable Lord Regent came to power he was a widely-known painter, sculptor, chemist, scientist, (with specialties in vivisection and cosmology), inventor, writer, world traveler, and philosopher. Deemed a flatterer by some, he rose through the ranks to become the Head of the Academy of Natural Philosophy and Royal Physician to the Lord Regent in 540. Two years prior to receiving his position, looking for an alternative energy source to Arcane Cystals, Sokal partnered briefly with The Corporation looking to create new technical marvels, and hopefully jump start a new industrial revolution.

In the interceding years, Sokal waged an intense rivalry with the Council of Mages, going so far as to remove Magic users from the Academy. He also took on ___ – a part-time painter himself – as his apprentice in 536 CY. Little is known about their relationship, and ___ abandoned his mentorship prior to recent years.

Sokal maintained a longer-lasting relationship with King ___, whom he admired despite his aversion to the aristocracy. King ___ was greatly influenced by Sokol,

Following the kings assassination and Adrel Himmler's ascent into the position of Lord Regent, Sokol continued to enjoy the privileges of his position.

Unlike those who proceeded him in his position, Sokol travels regularly to various cities around the empire, often looking for new ways to improve the population through scientific advancement. During a single trip to Bridgeford the natural philosopher in only a week managed to create a new system used to quickly kill animals by electrifying a handsaw. This new process is used in slaughterhouses around The Realm to this day.