The Red Hawk Mercenary Company or as they are more commonly known simply as just, Red Hawks are a mercenary company based in the city of Bauldor's Gate.

The Bauldor's Gate Mercenary Co. as it was originally called when founded in 345 CY by a former Guard Captain for Bauldor's Gate primarily operates around the inner area of the red coast, though for recruitment they often go to port cities, hiring recent immigrants from far away continents.

While the Hawks base of operations is in the city of Baldur's Gate, they operate other forts and establishments in Tyre, Wildrem and Thyrell. The latter of which proved to be a source for recent hires by Easterain IIV during his war.

Often hired by caravans and smaller towns for protection they have seen their fair share of battle and are sometimes employed by The Empire during campaigns such as The Kandor Expedition.


A group of Red Hawks before battle.