The Rot Riots is the name given to a series of riots and criminal hooliganism which swept through Imperial City in 554 CY. Given its name due to occurring two days after the Feast of the Rot.

Rot Riot
Evacuation color by chriss2d
  • Decreasing Sanitation conditions in the Lower Ward.
  • Rumors of Mages deliberately spreading plague.
Outcome: Riot Suppressed
  • Mage District Destroyed
  • Parts of finanical district destroyed
  • Parts of upper ward destroyed
  • 86 Prisoners escape from Blackgate
City Watch Rioters
  • 500 City Watchman
  • 4,800 Rioters
Casualties and losses
  • 4 Watchman killed
  • 58 wounded
  • 29 rioters killed
  • 200 wounded