The Sentinels, also known as Sentinel Army, are an elite guard belonging to the Ash'uessir Empire. Given that the threat of invasion that constantly loomed, few roles were as critical to the defense of the land as the sentinels. Sentinel is an ancient title, its skills are rooted in ancient tradition from even before the time the Elves migrated to the Realm. The Sentinels were established shortly after humans began raiding Elven settlements. The majority of Sentinels were female. Sentinels were elite archers and skirmishers, capable of doing tricks with the bow that few others can hope to match.

Sentinels were proficient with all simple and martial weapons and with light and medium armor, due to their extensive study of foes and training in the proper techniques for combating them. In addition, sentinels are proficient in the use of arrows as a melee weapon. Sentinels are sometimes considered the opposite of Druids. As Druids strive to heal and restore the land along with protecting it from enemies, sentinels had a similar goal to keep their eternal watch for enemies both seen and unseen.

History Edit

Sentinel divisions Edit

  • Archers compose the first rank of the Sentinel army. These women are expert marksmen and use the concealing forests to their advantage. Their lightning-quick ambushes are legendary, for few warriors can match the proud archers' speed and cunning. These are the basic sentinel type, and similar to the elven rangers of Thalamos.
  • Huntresses are the elite cadre of the Sentinel army. Drawing their strength from their ancestors and moonwells, these warrior women often are accompanied by an animal companion into battle. Huntresses are strong and swift, and merciless to those who would defile the sanctity of their Forest. Huntresses also have a close bond with the creatures of the forest and many can even communicate with them, a skill that can only be learned by druids outside of the wood elf race. They often use animals such as owls for scouting and as spying on their enemies.