Tel'vali is believed to be one of the largest concentrated Wood Elf settlements still in existence.

History Edit

Tel'vali had previously been damaged heavily during The Invasion and later wars. In recent years, the wood elves who had been living in along Lake Errine began to focus their attention on rebuilding the town. Most of the town is made of new buildings, as the wood elves cleared away the ruins they could not restore.

Tel'vali is the sole warm haven for hundreds of Kilometers among the section of Wildvale bordering Lake Errine. The oppressive weather and the creatures that lurk in the shadows make much of the shoreline inhospitable, but this thriving trading post is a safe place for travelers to restock and rest. The town had about 200 residents at the dawn of the century, mostly night elves, but has grown to about 1,500 residents in recent times. Visitors can stop at the Fish Eye Tavern for a hot bite to eat, purchase supplies at Tassik's Tradepost, or, if they have the knack for sailing, rent a skiff at Syran's Boat House. Residents are quite outgoing for night elves and free with advice, whether offering tips on sailing or advising on travel through Wildvale.

Tel'vali is a small town with little to defend except a safe way of life. The residents' jovial demeanor is but a thin veneer covering a grim determination to protect their homes. There are few armed forces in a military sense, but local scouts and rangers serve as a ready militia and are prepared to defend their quiet hamlet to the death.