A previously celebrated officer of the Empire, turned rogue criminal by the allures of golden glories taking matters into his own hands after his failed campaign for higher soldier wages.

Biography Edit

An orphan born in 514 CY, Thadha grew up on the streets of Bauldors Gate in constant poverty and hunger. Being forced to learn to defend himself in order to survive, he soon became a skilled fighter and used this skill to forge a living for himself, briefly working under The Red Hawks as a caravan guard before joining The Empire's Military in 534 CY.

Though resented for being a half elf by his fellow soldiers, his fighting skills, especially in hand to hand combat proved unmatched in his division and allowed him to rise up the ranks, though much more slowly then it would of taken a human in the same position.

He first saw combat when stationed in the foothills against Ogre Clans who would sometimes attack Empire outposts and then again in skirmishes against against human barbarians from the far north, who in 538 CY his division was assigned to destroy, targeting the camp of a particular troublesome Barbarian tribe known as the Vandals.

Throughout his career Thadha participated in numerous campaigns and had seen combat all over The Realm.

By the time of the infamous Kandor Expedition, Thadha had gained the rank of Lieutenant. Serving under Commander Harvand he was put in control of several scout divisions. His forces saw some of the highest casualty numbers among Empire forces involved in the Invasion and when he returned home he vowed to fight on behalf of those soldiers he commanded in Kandor. Petitioning to increase the pay of soldiers along with an increase in pension after discovering many of the soldiers he fought with who had lost arms or legs fighting for The Empire had since become beggars on the street.

The Empire ignored his petitions and refused his demands. In the end, discharging him from the military and stripping him of his metals, in retaliations for the public backlash that was created from his efforts.

At that point Thadha began his life of crime. Attacking depositories and treasuries containing shipments of Septums and stealing them for his cause. After a successful career of robberies across The Realm he had earned a bounty of ₴3,400.

Which after several months and dozens of failed attempts at his capture was claimed by Harlock who successfully captured and turned him into Empire. Due to his lengthy military service and notoriety among the Veteran community it was decided he would face trial before being sent the gallows.

He had been awaiting for this trial for 3 months in Blackgate when the famed prison break and Rot Riots occurred. During this incident he was one of 86 prisoners to escape. His current whereabouts are unknown.