One of the shining examples of civilizations created by man The Republic is a large imperialistic part of the

Empire, known for its distinct culture, its ability to maintain law and order, its impressive architecture and military proece. Briefly a rival of the Empire, the Republic agreed to join the Empire in 343 CY in exchange for a stringent set of conditions.

  1. They would stay self governed and retain their Emperor.
  2. They would retain their legions and not have their armies integrated into the Empire.
  3. They would be subject to their own laws and restrictions, minus tax code.

Romans Edit


The highest class among the citizens after the Emperor and their aristocratic governors are their military veterans. Though military training is highly encouraged in the majority of the Republic, it is not mandatory (minus in Sparta) and conscription is only used in times of war. Military service brings with it great benefits, such as being allowed the privilege of citizenship, and to vote in local elections.

The Perioeci is the middle level class in the Roman hierarchy. These were the workers, who were responsible for farming and crafting. This class comprised of craftsmen, artisans and farmers. The major percentage of people in this class was the descendant of the people who got conquered by the Romans, failing the tests, or have committed petit crime (dishonourable discharges). Apart from fulfilling their responsibility this class was required to pay taxes and were also given chance to serve for the armed forces of the state. But this class did not have any political rights.

Slaves; descendants of the people who spoke against the Roman tradition and refused to subjugate to the laws created by the rulers. Conquered peoples who would not submit. Since slaves ae previously the rebellious people, the Romans in attempt to control them murder those slaves who are found encouraging people against Roman rule, or the system.

  • Patricians
  • Equestrians
  • Plebeians
  • Slaves


A collection of ‘Elders’ from previous barbaric tribes, that came together and make up a large part of the republic. The topmost class of the Cognatione comprised of four barbaric tribal leaders who combined and ruled  the collective subnation. These four elders are considered to have ‘Aristocrat’ status under the Roman King’s rule- the tribes made up a lot of the initial Roman forces during their initial expansion and are thus recognised as more than simply a conquered faction, since their relationship started as an alliance and have merged into a symbiotic understanding that the Cognatione manage a lot of the ‘dirty work’. Rumors have it that a couple of the elders have heavy relations and influence, if not ownership of some trading cartels.

List of cities in the republic Edit