Once an esteemed member of the high druid council specializing in the elemental arts, Visdeen Maelstrov would become one of greatest traitors in Elven history when he betrayed his people during The Invasion and lead to the ultimate downfall of the Wood Elves. Since then among elves his name has become a common synonym for betrayal.

His almost obsessive ambition to further his skills in elemental power, combined with his egotistical mindset, made him an easy pawn for the Demonic Forces who attempted to conquer the Realm during the Invasion.

Though he was killed directly following the fall of Al'Thales he remains one of the most infamous figures in Wood Elf history.

Biography Edit


Maelstrov, using his new found powers given through demonic corruption to control an elemental lord

While a member of the High Druid Council he was involved in many important decisions throughout the councils history. Including being the tie breaking vote on whether or not to repeal the rules allowing regular Elves to join the ranks of the Wood Elf druids and their high council. He voted in favor of banning them, but after a pilgrimage to Quel’Thalamos in -35 CY where he took on an Elven apprentice named Wilva he had a change of heart and helped the small number of Druids in the Thalamos Woods create their own High Council which was called the Northern High Druid Council and operated independently until 100 CY when it combined with the normal Druids High Council into one governing body.

He along with fellow High Druid council member Druftstan were also extremely influential in the fight to keep Wildvale or "Eldamar" as the Wood Elves called their homeland, free from the influence of man whom had attempted several invasions of their homeland over the centuries.

In 0 CY after the start of the invasion demons contacted the high druid council promising each member unimaginable power if they allowed themselves to become corrupted and pledged their loyalty. The only two members to agree to the demons offer was Visdean Maelstrov and Druftstan The Guardian of the Forests.

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The results of Maelstrov's betrayal.

After this betrayal Maelstrov was instantly rejected by the rest of the Wood Elves while, Druftstan on the other hand managed to convince a large portion of the Satyr to join him. Humiliated and angered by this rejection, Maelstrov vowed to aid the demons in destroying his own people and traveled to Burning Rock to use his newfound elemental powers to take control of the Fire Elemental Lord Sa'thar. Forcing him to aid in the destruction of Al'Thales. After succeeding in this task and corrupting the Grand Moonwell he used the energy of the Moonwell to create another portal allowing more demons to enter into the Realm, these demons quickly slaughtered Maelstrov, having no need for him anymore.